Saturday, August 7, 2010

Purdy Endgame Quotes

Place your rook BEHIND a passed pawn if the pawn has crossed the middle line.
The King is a champion pawn-blockader. Therefore, prefer to have passed pawns on the side where the enemy King does not stand.
Rook on the seventh rank is particularly deadly if the enemy King is confined to the eighth rank.
In rook endings, strive to decrease the mobility of the enemy rook or rooks and to increase the mobility of your own.
Whether an advanced pawn is yours or the opponent's, our rook is best placed behind it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Four Tests on Where a Piece Should Go in the Opening

The ideal square for a piece in the opening will stand the following tests:

1. The piece can go there in one move.
2. The piece will be effectively posted there.
3. The piece will not suffer from exposure.
4. The piece will not unduly obstruct any of its own forces.

Rarely can you find a square that passes all these tests, but try to get the square that passes test 3 and as many of the others as possible.

- CJS Purdy